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OSHO living is a member of OSHO group – a multi-industry investment and business development group, providing a comprehensive solution for a quality life. One of our key pillars in core strategy focuses on developing and shaping a high-class lifestyle for our customers, by bringing the most luxurious & unique masterpieces selected from diverse collections. Each product is undergone a complete process and rigorous testing by foreign professionals, ensuring the unique lifestyle experience with finest quality for all customers. We honourably hold the exclusive distribution rights for all the below international renowned brands of furrnitures, sanitaryware, rugs & accessories including:


R&D department of OSHO Group is an integral part of our continuously innovation strategy. The R&D team includes all our top international design experts of Furniture and Interior, as well as our strong and well experienced local designers and business developers, together we would be able to offer ‘bespoke’ comprehensive solutions for our customers from designing, selecting the best materials & building products that would match all the specific requirements from our customers.



At OSHO living, we always welcome collaboration opportunities with architects, developers or retail operations, etc. to deliver solutions that maximize value for you and your customers. We offer a luxurious interior & decoration experience curated from a wide range of collections designed to satisfy even the most demanding customer's aesthetic taste.